40-Qt Heavy-Duty Baking Mixer With Guard And Timer

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  • Boasting a powerful 2200 Watts motor, Omcan’s 40-QT heavy-duty baking mixer with guard and timer has a 3-speed, gear-driven transmission making it easy to mix ingredients nice and easy.
  • The large 40-qt bowl capacity and high-speed setting enable mixing to be completed in the shortest possible amount of time.
  • The unit also comes complete with a paddle, wire whip, hook, and stainless steel bowl for convenience.
  • Features such as stainless steel guard and overload protection switch are added to this unit for added safety.
  • The stainless steel bowl guard prevents foreign objects from falling into the bowl while on operation.
  • This mixer is designed with a gray coated finish providing an elegant look but at the same time serves as practical equipment for your business.
  • POWER: 2200 W
  • SHAFT RPM 1ST SPEED: 289 | 2ND SPEED: 138 | 3RD SPEED: 80
  • CAPACITY: 40 QT / 10 Gal
  • ELECTRICAL: 220V / 60Hz / 3Ph
  • DIMENSIONS (DWH): 30.9” x 27.8” x 51.8”
  • NET WEIGHT: 496.04 lbs.
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