23'' XLT Single Deck Radiant Grill XLT2336-1


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Product Features
  • XLT’s Radiant Grill matches the quality of a traditional grilling system but provides a safer and more consistent process.
  • Your kitchen staff will thank you for not having to lean over a hot grill all day and clean-up is simple with a self-cleaning cycle.
  • The Grill was designed to be stacked on an XLT 2336 Impingement Oven to provide you with an integrated vertical cooking platform in your kitchens.
  • Your full menu can be baked to perfection on either the 2336 or XLT Radiant Grill.
  • Heavy-duty chain drive
  • All panels including internal oven chamber manufactured in high grade 304 stainless steel for longevity, easy cleaning and rust resistance
  • simple set digital controller for belt speed and temperature settings with 12 programmable settings available
  • Control box cooling fan with easily removable/washable air filter to keep components cool and clean
  • Electronic components protected by externally located circuit breakers
Product Specs
  • WxDxH: 70.7''x 45.9''x42.7''
  • Belt Width: 23''
  • Baking Zone: 36''
  • Output: 50 x 12" pizzas / hour (Estimated)
  • Total BTU: 71,000 BTU/Hr
  • Spec Sheet

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