15 Kg-Capacity Vertical Sausage Stuffer With 2-Speed Gear (Stainless Steel)-13727

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15 kg-Capacity Vertical Sausage Stuffer With 2-Speed Gear (Stainless Steel)-13727

  • These manual sausage stuffers offer a wide selection of sizes and configurations for residential and commercial applications.
  • The standard models have enameled steel sides. These 15kg capacity sausage stuffers feature a two-speed gearing system - one gear for sausage stuffing and one gear to return piston quickly to starting position.
  • All models are supplied with a selection of stuffing funnels.
  • Capacity: 15 kg
  • Double piston speed for faster filling
  • Ideal for soft mixtures
  • Handle on the backside of the machine, to improve its usability
  • Stainless steel cylinder
  • Stainless steel rack, base, sides, gearbox cover, nuts and bolts
  • Pressed and hardened steel gears
  • Moplen piston equipped with silicon seal and air release valve
  • Aluminum gear-block with self-lubricating bushes
  • Funnels: ” 10,20,30,40 mm
  • CAPACITY: 15 kg/30 lbs.
  • FUNNEL SIZES (mm): 10, 20, 30, 40
  • DIMENSIONS (LWH): 15” x 13.4” x 32.67”
  • GROSS DIMENSIONS: 34” x 15” x 14”
  • WEIGHT: 78.3 lbs.
  • GROSS WEIGHT: 86 lbs.