Henny Penny Evolution Elite Series 1 Well Floor Model Open Fryer

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Henny Penny Evolution Elite Series 1 Well Floor Model Open Fryer

The Henny Penny Evolution Elite® isn’t just an advanced fryer... it raises frying to a whole new order of quality, simplicity and cost management. 

Start with 40% less oil in the vat

Innovative design means you can cook the same amount of food in 40 percent less oil. You get the same extremely fast recovery with the same loads, the same cook times and temperatures. By filtering more frequently and replenishing the oil automatically.

Top off frying oil automatically

The Oil Guardian® auto top-off feature automatically replenishes frying oil from a standard oil jug whenever it’s needed. No lifting, no pouring, no mess. You’re always frying with better oil, and that means better food, every time!

Filter smart and easy with Smart Touch Filtration™

Now you can filter when you need to... not just when it’s convenient. Smart Touch Filtration™ lets you filter any vat in four minutes or less while continuing to cook in the rest.* That’s smart. It’s also easy. Just touch the control when prompted to filter. Nothing to open, close or pull.

Dimensions: DxWxH  32.25"x16.25"x45.75"

Weight: 302 lbs 

Heating immersed elements: 
Low 14.0kW
High 17.0kW

Power: 208-240V/ 3PH/ 39.4AMPS( per well)